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Car rental in Prague

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Proven and well-maintained cars, excellent customer service, fast delivery, unlimited mileage and insurance. It's all what you can expect from car rentals for pleasant price.
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We love our clients, therefore we offer an individual approach and we do everything for our cooperation to be long and mutually beneficial.
Delivery in Prague
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If you are in Prague and you urgently need a car, we will deliver it in just 30 minutes. Do you plan to finish your trip in another city? We will take care of the return of the car for you.

Freely explore the Czech capital and beyond. Car rent in Prague is a convenient way of getting around the city without being limited by public transport. Naturally, Prague can be just the starting point of your journey. Our cars will safely take you to just about anywhere.

  • Car delivery to anywhere in Prague within 30 minutes
  • A large fleet of well-equipped and maintained vehicles
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Insurance is included
  • We can manage the car return ourselves
  • Price including all taxes
  • Nonstop customer support
  • 20l of free gasoline when renting Mo-Thu

Get a car you can rely on a whim. Make a reservation and our manager will immediately contact you for confirmation!

Car Rent in Prague Made Fast and Simple

Wherever you are in the city, we will bring the car of your choice to you in a matter of 30 minutes, should you be in a hurry. You don’t have to waste your time searching for and travelling to pick up points.

Once you contact us and we confirm your order, you will find yourself behind the wheel in no time thanks to our express delivery.

Of course, if you don’t mind the journey, come pick a car at one of our offices. You can find us at the following addresses:

  • U Sluncové 71/14, Prague 8 – Karlín
  • Václavské náměstí 37, Prague 1 – Nové Město

Picking up a car at these points is free of charge. Otherwise, the hotel delivery will cost 5 € and the delivery to the airport 18 €.

Car Hire in Prague, Car Return from Anywhere

Though you will borrow your car in Prague, you don’t have to return it there. If you’re planning for a prolonged trip and your end destination lies a different Czech city or even elsewhere in the European Union, you can drop off the car there. We’ll arrange its return to Prague ourselves. No worries about what to do with it once you’ve reached the end of your trip.

The only thing we ask of you is to return the car in the same state as you’ve borrowed it (taking into consideration the usual wear and tear), including the gasoline level – unless you got the 20l Mo-Thu discount, that is…

Looking for a Car Rental near You? Take Your Pick from our Fleet

At our local car hire, we can offer you a wide range of reliable vehicles. Always clean, cared for, with a full gas tank (and a baby seat if you need) and maintained to the highest standard.

  • Would you prefer your vehicle to be a smaller one, ideally suited for Prague’s centre narrower streets and sometimes limited parking spaces?
  • Or would you prefer a solid middle-sized car, perfect for exploring the surrounding Czech towns, villages and countryside, for one-day car rental trips and weekend getaways?
  • Perhaps you have a longer journey in mind. Are you in need of a larger car that would accommodate you, your family and some extra baggage on top of that?

We got you covered either way.

The Škoda brand cars make up the majority of our fleet. This renowned Czech brand is the epitome of highly reliable cars in middle-prized range and will serve your needs without fail.

You can also rely on a trusty German Volkswagen or the Japanese Toyota. Both of these brands feature in our offer as well.

Would you like a specific car that you don’t see in our offer? Contact us nevertheless. There might be yet more aces up our proverbial sleeves.

Cheap Car Rental in Prague You can Rely On

The price that you see advertised at each of our cars is final. It includes:

  • All taxes
  • No mileage restriction or surcharges for extra miles driven
  • Comprehensive car insurance for the entire EU, 24/7
  • Road assistance (Global Assistant) in case of accidents or malfunctions
  • Multilingual support (CZ, EN, RU)
  • Support and consultation regarding the local rules of traffic and parking in each EU country

Don’t miss out on our special offer. Rent a car from Monday to Thursday and receive 20 litres of extra gasoline free of charge!

Things to Keep in Mind before Opting for the Local Car Hire

  • The Czech Republic is among the most popular tourist destinations. You can visit countless points of interest both here and in the neighbouring Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia in a matter of a few hours.
  • You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car here, and own your license for at least 1 year.
  • All EU-issued driver’s licenses are accepted here. Non-EU nationals will have to present a valid visa in their passport as well as their license. If you reside in the EU for longer than 6 months, an EU driver’s license will be required of you.
  • If you own a license which is not printed in Latin script (Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic etc.), you should also present an International Driving Permit together with your license. An official translation of your permit into English is also accepted.
  • The speed limits are: 50kph (31mph) in city, town and village boundaries 90kph (55mph) on the open roads, and 130 kph (81mph) on highways
  • While travelling on the Czech highways, cars are required to have a toll sticker placed on the windshield. Of course, our cars already do have such stickers, so this should be of little concern to you.
  • Most Czech and European cars are equipped with manual gear transmission. With us, you can rent a car with both manual and automatic transmission.
  • Most gas stations in Prague can be found on the city outskirts. Outside the city, you should have little trouble refuelling, since there are gas stations to be found on almost any road, not just the expressways.

Rent a vehicle at our car rental company and set out to explore Prague

Prague is a relatively compact city, which can be explored rather quickly. Though it boasts a decent public transport system, it is usually still faster and more convenient to travel around by car.

Just be mindful of the sometimes heavy traffic – congestions tend to be common on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. You should be fine during the rest of the week, however.

Parking can be an issue in Prague’s city centre. Most parking spaces there are reserved for local residents and businesses. There are still a number of paid parking garages, which are open nonstop. You can check out for example the:

  • National Theatre Parking Garage
  • Pankrác Parking Garage
  • Kotva Parking Garage
  • Palladium Shopping Centre Parking Garage
  • Karlovo Náměstí Parking Garage

And many others.

Do you have any questions regarding the local traffic, rules or anything else? Feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly tell you more!

It’s more than just Prague out there. Rent a Car at Low Cost and See for Yourselves!

The Czech Republic has much more to offer than just Prague. You can get to just about anywhere in the country within a few hours at most. This fact, combined with the countless historical, architectural and natural landmarks, makes it a prime location for one-day trips. You can simply rent a car for a day. Near you, there will be so much to explore. For example:

  • Český Krumlov. Perhaps the second most visited location in the country, this medieval and baroque town will surely enchant you.
  • Kutná Hora. St. Barbara’s Cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site, or the morbidly beautiful Sedlec Ossuary decorated with human bones are just a small portion of what Kutná Hora has to offer.
  • Karlovy Vary. This spa town is famous for its annual film festival, but is worth visiting at any time of the year.
  • Bohemian Paradise. Old castles, sandstone hills, deep forests and dozens of hiking trails – this area can take a lifetime to explore thoroughly!
  • Pilsen. Well-preserved historical centre and world-famous beer are reasons enough to visit. Just don’t drink and drive!
  • Brno. Capital of the Moravian region and second biggest city in the country is locked in constant friendly rivalry with Prague. And in many ways, it is as worth visiting as Prague itself!

However, with Our Car Rental, Places to Go Are Even More Numerous!

While you’re at it, why not cross the border and see what other countries can offer? The following places can be reached very easily from Prague:

  • Dresden
  • Leipzig
  • Krakow
  • Wroclaw
  • Vienna
  • Bratislava
  • Linz

Of course, you can travel anywhere in the EU with our car! And remember-you can finish your journey and leave its return to us!

We run a flexible system of discounts and will always tailor a suitable deal for you. We want our customers to have the best car rental deals! Contact us to find our more!


Only new cars of all classes, which will become your comfortable transportation and provide freedom of travel.

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