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    Definitions Online project ExpressRent.cz (We) takes all confeditiality of our clients and visitors of expressrent.cz (You) extremely seriously. For us personal information is your personal data (for instance, your name and login) and information on any actions you make on our website URL (for instance, your booking with contact details). Some types of data we call anonymous because it could not be identified with a website visitor ( like how many times the website was visited). Data usage We only use personal data to provide quality service and reporting. We dont disclose any personal information relted to URL visitors to other website visitors. We never publish personal information or disclose it to third parties except for cases when we are legally obliged to disclose such information to govermental bodies in accordance with applicable Estonian legislation. We only publish and distribute reports created based on anonymous data. These reports do not contain any data allowing to identify personal information of the website visitors. We also use anonymous data for internal analysis in order to develop products and services of URL. References Our websites ExpressRent.cz and expressrent.cz may refer to other websites that are not owned by our company and belong to third parties. We are not liable for accuracy, integrity and adequacy of data presented on third party websites. We are also not liable to maintain confidentiality of personal information you disclosed to these websites. Limitation of liability We do everything possible to observe by this confidentiality policy. However, if we exposed to forces beyond our control and this exposure results in disclosure of personal information, we might not be able to guarantee confidentiality of your personal information. Websites expressrent.cz and all information they contain is "as is" without waranty. We are not liable for adverse consequences or any damages arising from limitation of access to the websites or visit to the websites and use of any information published on them. Contacts If you have any questions concerning this confidentiality policy, please e-mail to info@expressrent.cz.
    1. These general terms and conditions of vehicle rental (hereinafter referred to as “T&C”) are an integral part of the rental agreement (hereinafter referred to as “NS”), stated on the front page, which is concluded between

      Alexandr Kulichkov(ICO: 07870973),
      Elizaveta Kaydanyuk(ICO: 04340647)

      with registered office at Zvěřinova 3446/3, Prague 3, and the lessee listed in the NS (hereinafter referred to as the “lessee”). On the basis of the NS, the lessor leaves the vehicle specified in the NS (hereinafter referred to as the “vehicle”) to the lessee for temporary use, and the lessee undertakes to pay rent for it.

    2. The lessor is obliged to hand over the vehicle to the lessee in good technical condition, with all documents, if they are necessary for its operation. Any possible damage to the vehicle must be reported by the lessee at the latest upon taking over the vehicle and must be recorded in the NS. The renter is responsible for any damage to the vehicle that is not listed in the NS.

    3. The vehicle may only be used and driven by persons listed in the NS. The lessee may not transfer the use of the vehicle to a person other than the person specified in the NS or sublease the vehicle to any third party.

    4. The lessee is not authorized to use the vehicle for trips to countries outside the EU. In the case of using the vehicle for trips to the states in violation of the NS, the lessee is obliged to pay the lessor a contractual fine of CZK 50,000 for each individual violation.

    5. Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. In case of violation of this obligation, the tenant is obliged to pay the landlord a contractual fine of CZK 3,000.

    6. The lessee is obliged to comply with all traffic and other legal regulations, as well as all instructions given in the vehicle manufacturer’s manual. The lessee is obliged to ensure that no damage occurs to the vehicle. The renter is responsible for any traffic and parking violations committed with the vehicle during the duration of the NS. The lessee is also responsible and is obliged to pay the lessor the sums of any fines or other sanctions, as well as any other sums that the lessor, as the operator of the leased vehicle, will be required to pay in connection with any misdemeanor or other administrative offense committed during the duration of the NS in relation to the leased vehicle .

    7. The lessee is obliged to secure the vehicle against theft, misuse or damage.

    8. The lessee is obliged to return to the lessor a cleaned and tidy vehicle with all accessories and documents, in the condition in which he received it, taking into account normal wear and tear. If the lessee violates this obligation and does not return the vehicle in proper condition, the lessor is entitled to demand monetary compensation from the lessee corresponding to the cost of purchasing new accessories or repairing the vehicle, as well as a contractual fine in the amount depending on the breach of obligation, for each individual violation or damage :

      Pollution of the vehicle CZK 3,300

      Burnt seat CZK 3,300

      Cracked windshield CZK 7,000

      Damage to the lid CZK 1,000

      Damage t(ipad, wifi, GPS) CZK 5,600

      Damage to the manual or automatic transmission Due to reasons on the part of the lessee CZK 46,000

      The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with the fuel tank topped up to the condition stated in the NS. In the event that the lessee violates the obligation stated in the previous sentence, he undertakes to pay the lessor a contractual fine corresponding to a multiple of the number of missing liters in the tank and the amount of CZK 52.

      Negotiating or paying any contractual fine according to these terms and conditions or NS does not affect the obligation to pay damages resulting from the relevant breach of duty to which the contractual fine is tied. o the disk, wheel or tire CZK 8,400
      Damage to the vehicle paint CZK 5,600
      Broken accessories

    9. The lessee is responsible for the vehicle until the moment when the lessor physically takes over the vehicle and this fact is confirmed by the lessee with his signature of the NS. The lessor is entitled to compensation for damage caused to the vehicle, including all hidden damage to the vehicle that could not be detected during the inspection of the vehicle’s condition, i.e. even those that will not be listed in the NS when the vehicle is returned by the lessee.

    10. The lessee undertakes to pay the rent and all other fees associated with the use of the vehicle, including compensation for any damage, properly and on time. The rent is set in NS for the entire rental period of the vehicle agreed in NS. The lessee is entitled to return the vehicle before the agreed date only with the consent of the lessor. If the lessee returns the vehicle to the lessor before the agreed date, the lessee is not entitled to a refund of the rent or its proportional part. If the lessee returns the vehicle to the lessor after the agreed date, he is obliged to pay the rent for the vehicle rental at the latest when the vehicle is returned.

    11. The deposit, which the lessee deposits with the lessor when signing the contract in order to secure the lessor’s claims on behalf of the lessee and to fulfill the lessee’s obligation to return the vehicle, will be settled after the vehicle is returned. Depositing a security deposit does not affect the tenant’s obligation to pay rent. The lessor is entitled to set off against the security deposit all of his monetary claims against the lessee resulting from the concluded NS.

    12. By signing the lease, the lessee agrees to charge the rent or its supplement and cover any damage to the vehicle, co-payment for damage to the vehicle, fines or other sanctions, contractual fines, compensation for damage or any other fees associated with the rental of the vehicle, its towing and parking, by direct debit payment/credit cards listed in NS, without prior notice.

    13. Damages caused to the vehicle, which will not be covered by the agreed insurance coverage, will be invoiced by the lessor to the lessee based on the price calculation of the relevant service. Compensation for such damages is payable together with the rent and other fees, or will be charged to the tenant’s payment/credit card listed in the NS.

    14. In the event that the vehicle breaks down or is damaged due to a reason on the part of the lessee during the duration of the contract, the lessee has no right to the provision of a replacement vehicle, a refund of rent or any other compensation. If the lessor has a suitable vehicle available, the lessee may agree with the lessor to rent such another vehicle under the terms to be agreed in the new rental agreement.

    15. The lessor declares that, as a personal data administrator, it processes the personal data of tenants — natural persons in full compliance with the GDPR regulation, and has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect them in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR regulation. The lessor processes personal data of tenants – natural persons, as well as personal data obtained by the lessor on the basis of and/or in connection with the fulfillment of legal obligations and/or in connection with NS. The purpose of such processing of the personal data of the tenant — a natural person is to enable the fulfillment of NS, compliance with the obligations of the lessor established by generally binding legal regulations, the determination, exercise and/or defense of the legal claims of the lessor, or other legitimate interest of the lessor, all this always in accordance with the obligations and rights arising lessor from the GDPR regulation.
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